Destination Wedding Planner

International Wedding Planning Service

Planning a wedding in a different country to your own can be pretty daunting, we know, the first time we did it we were nervous if we’re completely honest!

Though here at Matthew Oliver we put in the research, built the local connections and put together a spectacular wedding! (If we do say so ourselves!)

Since then our confidence, experience and ability to plan an international wedding has only grown, as well as our excitement for it!

What this means is that we’ve put in the hard work, so you can put your trust in us to plan your perfect wedding abroad.

Our Favourite International Wedding Locations

Although these locations are our favourites, we really are happy plan your dream wedding anywhere in the world and there are so many new places we want to go. So whether you fancy a beach, a picturesque mountain retreat or anything inbetween, we can help!

Take a look at examples of some of our international weddings below or get in contact so we can get to know you, your plans and how we can help you.