It’s All About The Groom!


I hope everyone has had a super chocolatey fueled Easter!

Here at MO we had some amazing friends come to visit, including a lovely couple who are engaged (congrats again btw!). Being around them, with the bride-to-be showing photos to us all (just out of her fiances eye-shot) got me thinking, why do brides get to surprise the groom with a stunning dress and some of that mystery isn’t reserved for the grooms suit??

Matthew Oliver Wedding and Event Planner

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Brides should be allowed the unique moment of seeing their groom suited and booted, waiting for them at the end of the aisle and the grooms should get the pleasure of surprising them… I mean it’s only fair! But it’s not only that, it can be a great way to get the groom involved in the theme of the wedding, finding the perfect suit, tux or anything to show his personality and add to the day in a unique way. We’ve really moved past the days where a groom is assumed to just turn up on on the day in a plain suit to look the part, there are so many options out there, the above being some of my preferences. It’s not only the suit though, the grooms outfit can be made up by many elements, depending on the look you’re after; shoes, a tie, bow-tie, pocket square, waistcoat, hat? There are loads of combinations to fit in with your personality and your wedding.

All  I ask is that an air of mystery is kept with the grooms attire, it can bring an extra specialness to the day just between the bride and groom or groom and groom. I know it’s something I’ll be doing!

Well that’s all from me for now, have an amazing week and start working off some of that chocolate!!


Bertie x