5 Reasons… Keep the Traveling Time Limited on Your Wedding Day!

Bonjour!!!  Bonjour!!!

How are you all?  So I was wrong in saying the other day that I believe the weather is amazing everywhere.  I couldn’t be more wrong, even if I have bright sun here (Bath), Devon seems to have rain all day, every day!!

Also, before I start my video brief, I should really open up a doggy day care because I have Alf Dog right now and then I’m having Colin Dog in the afternoon!!  I do love it though, and talking about dogs……………. we’ve reserved a Red Setter Pup, so when/if he’s born we should be getting him mid/late March :-).  We’ve named him already; Winston and expect pup pictures all over the blog then and after.  Actually, I may just replace my videos with Winston instead of me :-).

I think you’re more excited about the above than the video haha, I should just leave now.

Anyway, as promised, here is my newest 5 Reasons, and it’s about why you should have a very limited journey time between venues for your wedding.  If you’re getting married in the same place as your reception, of course, this video will have no use for you, but watch it anyway.

I always say when you’re searching for your special wedding venue, you should not travel over 30 minutes from place to place as 1) Anything could happen and 2) You don’t want to be super late for your own wedding!!  A little late is always fine though :-).

It’s not a very important video, but at least it will warn you when you’re putting your day together.

Enjoy my lovelies…

What did you think?  Too much?

I’m really taking advantage of my MO 5 Reasons Diary, which is a notepad I write each of my ideas in.

I do hope it has been useful, well, it’s only 6 minutes of your life, not that bad.

If you have any ground breaking ideas you would like on the blog, please let me know, otherwise please keep watching, sharing and liking!!

Love you all

Matthew Oliver xx

P.S. I think I smiled out in this post 🙂 🙂 🙂