Last-Minute Wedding Beauty & Mindfulness: How to Prep in Couple of Weeks and Stay Calm

Weddings can be stressful and planning them even more so. Once you’ve found the venue, made the
playlist, decided between red velvet or coconut and lime, finished the seating chart, said yes to the dress
and persuaded your bridesmaids to wear matching dresses, there’s not much time or energy left to take
care of yourself.

Don’t panic, the beauty industry has a quick and easy solution to virtually anything. There are numerous
beauty procedures and tricks that can make any bride-to-be look her best on her wedding day while
making her feel relaxed and pampered at the same time. Here’s an overview of some tips and tricks to
get yourself looking as fabulous as ever on your wedding day even if you didn’t quite start the
preparations on time.

How to Get Fabulous Skin Quickly


Photography by Pablo Laguia

We all know that healthy skin is the most important part of any makeup look. Skin takes a bit of effort to get to its best possible shape, but it mostly comes down to three words: hydration, hydration, hydration! 

Beauty comes from the inside, which means your diet is the key to gorgeous skin. A couple of weeks is enough time to transform your skin with superfoods. But aside from that, there are other ways to help your skin, such as facials best suited to meet the needs of your skin and products that do miracles. If you’re considering a more radical approach, your dermatologist has plenty to offer. There have been considerable advancements in the fight against acne lately,  while different types of microabrasion can solve all kinds of skin imperfections, from sun damage to scarring.

As beauty treatments of this kind usually have some mild side effects like redness or swelling, it is best to undergo the procedure a couple of weeks before the big day and give your skin time to settle and heal.

Beauty sleep is also worth mentioning. Getting less than 8 hours of sleep per night makes your skin look gray and unhealthy, so pay attention to your sleep patterns. 

Take a Breather and Relax

Wedding Planner – pigs

Photography by Sarah Lauren 

Feeling anxious and worried is not uncommon before the big day, so if you find you have trouble sleeping, try calming your nerves with some hot camomile tea before bed. If this doesn’t work, there are natural, plant-based sleep supplements you can try. 

Listen to your body, be mindful of your nerves, and if you feel you need a day off from planning – take a day off.

Permanent Makeup 

Wedding Makeup

Photography by Ben Yew

Makeup crises happen at worst possible times and can add to your stress levels. So it’s extremely important to find a trustworthy makeup artist and have a trial session with them. Many brides have their MUAs do their wedding look a week or so before the wedding – this is a chance to test out different products and find what works best, so on the day of the wedding they can just recreate the look, minimizing the chance of something not working out and having a freak out.

However, a step further would be to get some permanent makeup treatments done and not stress about the possibility of smudging and getting your dress stained. The most popular permanent makeup treatment is definitely microblading. This will also have you taken care of for rehearsal dinners and all other commitments you have before the wedding itself.

Microblading is an eyebrow styling method similar to tattooing. It is done by a certified microblading artist and the treatment looks like this: thin lines in the same color of your natural hairs are drawn between the hairs by injecting pigments into the skin. The tool used is a microneedle. The result of a two hour session are fuller, fabulous brows. The shape is modified to best complement your face and any possible sparse patces are filled in. Microbladed brows last for up to two years, and the microblading cost varies depending on the artist – from the affordable $250 to $800. It is important to note that it  takes some time for the eyebrows to heal and for the color to set in, so pre perfect time to get microbladed is 2 weeks before the wedding. And of course, choose a well trained artist.

Other permanent makeup procedures such as lash lift or lip blushing may also be worth looking into.

A Million Dollar Smile is the Best Accessory

Destination Wedding planner

Photography by Rebecca Yale

Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life and you’re bound to spend it smiling. And you know how science says smiling reduces stress! So a couple of weeks prior is the perfect time for a teeth whitening. 

Modern technology can give you the smile of a Hollywood actress in no time. Laser teeth whitening is safe and gentle and a much more effective option than drugstore products that don’t really do much.

Alternatively, there are whitening procedures done with special resins and similar concoctions. Either way, a trip to the dentist is a must.


By Tilly Grant