Let’s Go Green (Organic Wedding Inspiration)

Bonjourno, not sure what hello is in Green yet?  Maybe peace, but starting an article with the word peace doesn’t sound right, does it?  I believe the Green language will be a full language in the next 30/50 years as everything at the moment is all about going green and let’s be green, which of course I totally agree with, but I’m not here to start a debate, just offer inspiration and happiness of course.

As you know my design boards have been lacking recently and I believe the last one I created for you was back in August 2013!!  How shocking is that?  In this time I’ve collected (designed is the right word here) a mountain of boards for my beautiful, and wondrous couples, so I decided to tweak them and post them so you can see what I’m working on and what is HOT for 2014!!

This ‘Let’s Go Green’ board was created for a couple who are actually getting married next year, with a classic organic marquee garden design/theme.

Here it is…

Organic Wedding Inspiration

What do you think?  I love the organicness of it, especially the wooden rustic tables, which I totally in love with at the moment!!

As always I need to thank the following for the amazing inspiration…

Tables – The Lane

Table Design – Unknown sorry L

Décor #1 – Matthew Oliver/Love My Dress

Décor #2 – Unknown sorry L

Barrel – Unknown sorry L

Stationery – Fab You Bliss

Table Setting – Style Me Pretty

Signage – Caught The Bouquet

Lighting – Telva

Bouquet – Style Me Pretty

Dress – Wedding Sparrow

Thanks again to the people above; you’ll also notice me up there!!  That’s right, I created that photo shoot, whoop whoop.

Anyway, thanks for popping by and I hope this has inspired y’all?

I think ending with the word peace works with the whole green theme, so peace up everyone.


Matthew Oliver xx