Make the most of a Sale!


It’s nearing the end of the week, hurrah!

Things have been a little crazy of late, as I’m sure you are well aware, due to the launch of our new site! I’m hoping everyone has had a chance to take a look around it! (It’s worth it I promise!). The rest of the country, especially those in the retail sector, tend to have a bit of a crazy time around now as well. The reason of course being Black Friday and Cyber Monday! (I hear there are also talks of a Sofa Sunday(!?!), but I’m not convinced!).

Matthew Oliver International Wedding Planner

Shops and sites are giving their best deals and proactive Christmas shoppers are making the most of them, so why shouldn’t you! When planning a wedding there are things that need to be bought, namely amongst them are the favours for your guests (should you choose to have them!). You want your guests to take away something memorable, personal and tangible from your special day; favours are an excellent way to do that. However if you have a lot of guests that can mean a lot of money. So make savings and get a deal where you can!

“Hello massive sales weekend!”

If your wedding is soon or even if it’s not for a while, should you see the perfect favour, table piece, napkin holders or whatever(!), stock up now and make the most of it. You’ll thank yourself for it in the long run.

I must confess I am partial to an online deal, but in the absence of any impending nuptials it will likely be for new additions to our already overflowing wardrobe… (naughty me!).

Anyway, thought I would throw it out there as something to potentially make the most of, and don’t worry if you miss it, there’s always the January Sales! 😉

Love Bertie Xx