Mary, Mary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Rustic Weddings

Happy Friday everyone!

’m unsure why it is Friday again?  It just feels like yesterday that it was Saturday.  Complete weirdness.

It’s Friday and you all know what happens on MO on Friday?  Well I hope you do.

Today’s Colour Palette goes back in time to focus on Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?  Otherwise known to you as a country garden wedding theme.

Country garden weddings go down many routes and although they have been very popular in the last few years and people say there phasing out, there is always a country garden chic couple out there.

Country garden weddings are mostly inspired by English tea parties, picnics and shabby chic style.

The colours normally used are light pastels and baby’s all mixed together to add a beautiful pastel effect.

Below you will see my Mary, Mary, how does your garden grow colour palette.

Rustic Weddings

Like always I like to thank the amazing few to give me this whimsical inspiration.


Hair and MakeUp by Steph

Etsy/Dear Golden

My Mum and Dad’s Wedding


My Mum and Dad’d Wedding


Rustic Wedding Chic

Lovelie Greenie

Ginny Au

Victoria With Roses

Etsy/Dear Golden

Follow my Pinterest board to see the other inspiration I had.

This is one of my favourite wedding themes as I love English traditional weddings with splats of various colours and vintage inspiration.

Hope you enjoyed.

MO xx