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Helloooooo wondrous, gorgeous, beautiful people!

What a lovely day?  I’m so happy the sun has finally got his hat on and he’s out to play.

Before I ramble on, I’ll like to apologise for my disappearance in the last week, even though I said I’ll be around after I moved to Bradford-on-Avon!  I had an amazing 4 day wedding with an American party, I promise photos soon and when you see them, you will forgive me :-).

I would like to take this time to congratulate Caroline and Tom Larson for their recent marriage here in England and to the 5 Reasons 100th Video competition winners Jolene and Ben (more info to follow).  It was a busy week at MO HQ :-).

So I’m going to do my best with producing a few blogs this week to make you happy, and talking about blogs here is the first a MO Loves one and it’s about Great Day Productions, who specialise in audio wedding guestbooks!!  Yeah, it’s been done and it’s going down very well in the wedding industry as its innovative, personal and damn right brilliant!!

So I’m sure you can tell why I love Helen from Great Day Productions, as you know I love new and interesting products within the industry.

Here’s why I love her…


OK, so your Big Day is approaching. Your dress is ready, the cake’s on order and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be still trying to shed those extra pounds, but how are you going to remember your wedding? It seems that guestbooks are the most unloved part of a Big Day. People never write what they say (and they’re too scared to say it on camera) so all too often your wedding finishes with your big book being half filled.

How sad is that? Well now they don’t have to be.

Great Day Productions offer something new. Something bespoke. Something different. An audio guestbook….Yes I come to your wedding and with my microphone in hand I mingle. I chat to your guests, recording all the comments of the day, from the teary ones to the fun ones. Don’t worry if some of your guests are a little bit shy, I’m a journalist, so I’m used to chatting to the flirtatious as well as the coy.

As you head off to dance the night away, I head home…Where the work starts! I edit all of the comments and then I mix them to your favourite music…One of the tracks could be the music you had for your first dance.

And the best thing? You can listen to it anywhere. One husband, whose wedding I covered, drives to it, his wife jogs to it!

There’s nothing like it on the market. It’s a little bit quirky. It’s a little bit different. And it’s timeless.

Intrigued? Take a listen (Click on below link)….

Audio recording – Clare & Rich

Absolutely b***** brilliant isn’t it?  Definitely worth the money as guestbooks don’t really work as there’re always forgotten or left!!

Here are some photos of Helen in action, with her microphone (love).

GD 008 GD 010 GD 012 GD 013 GD 014 GD 015

For more information on this great necessity, please contact Helen.

Thanks for popping by and reading this Matthew Oliver Loves post!

Matthew xx