Member of Grey Likes Weddings

Wooooo hooooo!!!!!

Sorry, I’m just now a member of the amazing and beautiful Grey Likes Wedding, which is amazing, because they found me online and asked me to join their community. ¬†They don’t let any Tom, Dick and Harry join either, so it’s a great privilege to be supported by them, especially as I love their brand so much.

You’ll find me under their Greys Collective title and in their Coordination and Design for Weddings category. ¬†Then you’ll see me amongst other fantastic planners, or under the drop down menu International and United Kingdom.

Here is a screen shot of some planners…….

Matthew Oliver Wedding Planner

and here is my profile…….Matthew Oliver Wedding Planner

So pretty and crisp isn’t it?

It’s a great honour to be represented by another American wedding directory.

Thanks for popping by and love you all.

Matthew Oliver wedding planner xx