Member of Grey Likes Weddings

Wooooo hooooo!!!!!

Sorry, I’m just now a member of the amazing and beautiful Grey Likes Wedding, which is amazing, because they found me online and asked me to join their community.  They don’t let any Tom, Dick and Harry join either, so it’s a great privilege to be supported by them, especially as I love their brand so much.

You’ll find me under their Greys Collective title and in their Coordination and Design for Weddings category.  Then you’ll see me amongst other fantastic planners, or under the drop down menu International and United Kingdom.

Here is a screen shot of some planners…….

Matthew Oliver Wedding Planner

and here is my profile…….Matthew Oliver Wedding Planner

So pretty and crisp isn’t it?

It’s a great honour to be represented by another American wedding directory.

Thanks for popping by and love you all.

Matthew Oliver wedding planner xx