Menu/Name Cards

Bonjour lovely, lovely people!

How are you?  Anyone getting married this weekend or going to a wedding?  Do share the details?

I just wanted to share some little advice with you for your menu and name cards!  Why not incorporate both the menu and name card together, so the name of your guest is on the menu?  Each guest will have a personalised menu that can fit nicely on the place setting?  This of course looks very stylish and will save money if you’re purchasing both anyway.

I know not everyone offers a menu per person, but if you’re looking for something visual then this is definitely a grand idea.

Also guests love to take home a memory of the wedding and this is perfect for guests to remember yours by.

Here is an example –

Matthew Oliver Weddings

Paula Broome Photography & Ever Photography

Just beautiful!

Stationery design by the incredible – The Finer Details

Loads of love and have fun,

Matthew Oliver

International Wedding Planner xx