MO – 5 Reasons…. To Create Wedding Design Boards

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This Vlog is mentioning why it’s a good idea to create a design board for your wedding.  A design board also known as a story board is a design/board of all elements to the creation of the idea, so if it’s for a wedding your design board will have a selection of different photos, colour swatches, fabrics etc to show how you want to create your wedding.

To give you an idea here is a link to my most recent design board on a Swan Lake Wedding –

As you can see I have made a selection of collages of photos that would represent that theme, there are loads of different ways you can create a design board.  Either you can make a hand made one with cut-outs etc, or you can create them online with photoshop.  Another great tool is Pinterest – a social networking tool that puts photos automatically on boards which you have pined from other sites.

Here’s the 5 Reasons Vlog to inspire you all to create your own.

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