MO – 5 Reasons…. To Eat Cheese & Marmite Sandwiches for Lunch

Hello, hello and good afternoon everyone.  How are we all today?  Again it’s a Friday, cannot actually believe it!!  However it’s a bank holiday weekend so woop woop (altough I will still be working, but still exciting)

What do you all have planned?  Anything exciting?  I have a busy one, helping at a wedding then attending a wedding all on the same day!!  I’m going to be like the lady from 27 dresses, without the dresses though haha.

So I thought I would bring something a little different to the post today (again) as my love for it is huge and wanted to express my love to you!!  It’s why you should eat cheese and marmite sandwiches for lunch (I know completely random, but if you knew me then you would expect nothing less).

I have been waiting along time to do this, so I hope you enjoy it and it gets you all addicted on cheese and marmite sandwiches!!

Spread the word (or in this post the marmite) to get everyone hooked.

Love to you all,

Matthew Oliver xx