MO – 5 Reasons…. Why to Stay Calm

Afternoon everyone.  I’m really happy today (well I’m always happy, but today I’m really happy)

How are all you beautiful people?  Are you out in the sun or in working?  I’m obviously in working 🙁 (it’s OK it could be worse I guess apart from my friends saying do you want to go to the BEACH!!)

So today I have gone back to the MO – 5 Reasons vlog and I have decided to feature it on “why to stay calm”.  It is such a common occurrence to become stressed in planning a wedding and I have seen a lot of change in couples because of this.  This vlog is not really a “why” it’s more of what can happen and how to stop yourself from getting to that point.

Follow the link for the video and get the advice you may need to stay calm!!

MO – 5 Reasons…. Why to Stay Calm

I hope you enjoyed it?  I actually filmed it in my back garden as it was a nice day!

Thank you for watching and love you all.

A big MO to you all.