MO – 5 Reasons…. You Need to go to Your Wedding Destination Before Booking Your Abroad Wedding!!

Hey beautiful lovely people how are we?  I’m extremly cold, but the sun is out!!

Yay it’s Friday again!!  Woop da woop woop.  What are you plans for this exciting new weekend?  I am helping my friend Emily do a mock bootcamp (yes the word bootcamp says something with a lot of exercise, but don’t really know anymore, probably another word would be death!!).

So today’s MO is very similar to the other days “on why to go and see your venue before hand“, but instead of the venue it’s why you need to go and see your venue before you book your abroad wedding!  Very big subject as I know by fact not a lot of you do this and definitely should watch this as you never know what you have booked till you have seen it.  Especially as your booking such a big event; actually two big events, your wedding and a holiday!

Please watch and pass on to anyone who is getting married or thinking about getting married abroad.

Love you all and massive MO love.

Matthew Oliver xx