MO Loves – Britten’s Jarretiére Bridal Garter Collection

Hello, hello my super-duper lovelies,

So it’s Thursday!  Which means it’s nearly the weekend, which also means moving in day to our official pad!  Whoop da whoop whoop.

Sorry I’m getting carried away, but I’m also delighted to be creating this Matthew Oliver Loves post because it’s on one of my favourite wedding accessory designers ever!  Yes EVER!  The remarkable, the exquisite, the glamorous, BRITTEN Weddings.

BRITTEN is founded and created by 3, Sarah-Jane the designer and producer, Matthew (great name) who does everything else and the incredible Alf Dog who inspires both of them, because he is utterly gorgeous.

It’s a slightly different MO Loves today because it’s not quite about BRITTEN overall, it’s about one of their collections, their bridal garter collection in fact which showcases beautiful pieces inspired from the 1920s and French glamour, hence the name Jarretiére which actually means garter in French (clever, hey?)

I’ll stop going on now, as I’m sure you want to see this for yourself…Classic Bridal Garters

Combining understated British luxury with French delicacy and featuring a select number of limited edition pieces, the Jarretiére collection incorporates intricate detailing and clean silhouettes. Each garter is designed to complement the figure and bridal gown perfectly, creating an elegant and timeless look.

Featuring ten unique eye-catching designs, available in ivory, blush, silver blue and grey, each piece from the collection has been made using the softest silks and delicate lace, and comes adorned with the finest crystals, pearls and Swarovski opals. Each beautiful garter is a work of skill and art, hand-made with love from our quaint workshop located just outside of Bath.

Each garter purchased from the Jarretiére collection is made to order and presented in a lace dust-bag and luxury gift box, making the perfect wedding day accessory or heirloom bridal gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Aida Bridal Garter Grey Aida Bridal Garter Ivory Dixie Bridal Garter GreyDominique Bridal Garter Grey Dominique Bridal Garter Ivory Dominique Bridal Garter Blue Edmee Bridal Garter Blush Edmee Bridal Garter Grey Edmee Bridal Garter Edmee Bridal Garter Blue Evony Bridal Garter Grey Fae Bridal Garter Ivory Iva Bridal Garter Blue Joi Bridal Garter Grey Joi Bridal Garter Ivory Joi Bridal Garter Blue Madie Bridal Garter IvoryMimi Garter Blush

Extremely special don’t you think?  My favourite would be Madie Garter, what’s your favourite?

BRITTEN don’t just design beautiful garters, they also design couture wedding accessories, like classic headpieces and 1920s inspired feather fans.

I’m sure they won’t mind you contacting them for more information; just follow this link to do so.

So if everything is to plan then tomorrow is the day you will get to see the 5 Reasons… 100th Video!  Cannot wait to show the world this video J, be excited.

Anyhoo, thank you for popping by and see you all very soon.

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