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As promised yesterday on FB I said I will be featuring something special, and here it is something special.  I honestly couldn’t wait to tell you guys, because it’s omega amazing!  Well they are amazing in every way under the sun.

Ha, I’m still rambling!  I don’t think that will go anytime soon and this is after I deleted about 3 sentences from the above.

So let me introduce you to Jane and Marilyn two beautiful sophisticated grown women with a passion and love for designing and creating fabulous dresses inspired from the 1950’s.  The love they share for one another is a creation in itself and they have gone from strength to strength together since they were eight years old!  That’s not when the dresses were designed that’s when they met each other (just encase you were wondering).  Follow their inspiring and magical story here.

That’s one hell of an introduction, if I do say so myself!  So I’m sure you can see why they are on MO Loves just from the intro.

Keep reading it gets better and there some exquisite pictures coming up too!

Creative 1930s, 40s and 50s Couture Dresses

Born out of a desire for a feminine but grown up and sophisticated kind of glamour, Jane & Marilyn’s collections take inspiration from the partnership of Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe, with designs echoing the flattering, elegant 50’s silhouette.

The label’s Premiere collection, made from pure wool, silk and cotton, features 10 dresses in a variety of colours; from essential black to jewel brights and flattering neutrals.  Jane & Marilyn’s second Silk Collection features seven ‘forever’ dresses, in addition to a stylish cropped jacket.   Accentuating the waist, gliding over the hips and embracing curves, signature elements include full circle and pencil skirts with double box pleats or fishtail godets at the back, bracelet length sleeves, pleating, waterfall draping and flattering necklines typically set wide; each tailored design delivering a touch of old style Hollywood polish and glamour.

The brand has also teamed up with A-list milliner, Sean Barrett (credits include Downton Abbey, Alice in Wonderland, Anna Karenina and a host of Hollywood stars), who has created a selection of exclusive hats to complement the label’s Silk collection, making dressing for events even easier!

Now here is what you were waiting for, drum roll…. The pictures!

Couture Dresses Inspired from the Glamour of the 1930s, 40's and 50s

Massive thanks to the photographer and one I had the pleasure to meet last year the incredible Julia Boggio.

May favourite from the above would have to be Marilyn.

Don’t you just love how personal each dress is?  They even have their own names.

Couture Dresses Inspired from the Glamour of the 1930s, 40's and 50s

My favourite from the silk collection is Lily, love Lily, but I love all of them, when I look more I like another and then another.  They are so effortless and I’m super dupery honoured to be featuring them on MO.

Please take a look at their beautiful site, for more information, pictures and news.  Or if you’re just as crazy as I am, contact them here to order one!

Thank you again for popping by people and stay tuned because the 100th video is not too far away J.

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