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When Amit Kothari got in touch about Momento, an amazing personalised wedding and event stationer, with a twist!  I had to create a MO Loves about them.

Momento are famous for creating personalised newspapers and magazines of all shapes and sizes for any wedding or event around the whole world!

As the only company/designer in the WORLD (yes in the world) creating handmade, bespoke designs, I’m sure you will see why I love them.

So here is why!

Wedding and event newspapers and magazines

My husband and I created a wedding newspaper to give to guests at our wedding, we had our friends and family contribute to it over the year leading up to the wedding. Our wedding saw 600 people – I didn’t even know about 400 of the people who attended! This way, all the guests actually got to know me and my husband – our past, our stories.  The response of the final product was phenomenal and so we have launched – Momento Services.  We remain the only company in the world that offers bespoke services to build beautiful wedding newspapers and magazines by hand.

Momento is run by a highly motivated group of British people. We are based in London and led by our Managing Director – Pravina Pindoria. She is assisted by her husband.  We have a team of leading experts in areas like layout design, commercial publishing, editorial work, and more.

We believe that every couple will see a newspaper as essential to their wedding – because it’s far more powerful & memorable than all the other very costly (and forgotten) expenses of a wedding.

Over a year, we perfected the art and technology for building the perfect newspaper, and all this knowledge is built into Momento.  Our guests are STILL talking about our own wedding newspaper.  Nobody remembers the flowers, the expensive decorations, etc.  They just remember the newspaper!

Here are some photos to follow onto this fabulous story.


Wow, wow, wow!  What beautiful work.

Here is a cute lil’’ video for you too.

For more examples of their beautiful work, please follow this link.

I’m sure you know everything you need to know about Momento now?  Though if you have any questions, please feel free to contact them here.

Hope you have enjoyed reading, oh and watching?

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