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How are my beautiful, lovely, amazing people, on this sunny day?

Today’s a first for the blog as it’s a MO Loves post.

MO Loves will be a collection of posts about certain loves of my life; it could be from wedding suppliers to singers, Star Wars to David Attenborough!

I hope you like the new category of MO Loves and here is the first – MO Loves – RP Photography By Design.

Wedding Photographer Reading

Wedding Photographer Reading

Robert Pugh is a professional wedding and event photographer with over 8 years’ experience and who shoots all over the UK and destination weddings overseas. Robert is located in Reading Berkshire, bringing the fresh edge of his photo style to your wedding day. His images will capture you at your most beautiful and will give you your memories to treasure for a lifetime.

He’s covered many, many weddings and enjoyed working with couples that appreciate his relaxed and helpful approach to their wedding day. He will know how you’ll be feeling on the day so Robert will be there to help you through as much as he possibly can.

Roberts’s style is to capture the perfect blend of emotion with reportage photography but he has been known to mix in photojournalism into his workflow. By understanding just how special your wedding day is to you, Robert’s aim is to produce a collection of photos that is timeless and meaningful to the both of you, that perfectly captures the flowing love from the day.

Visit his website to see some of his photos.

Massive thanks to Robert for his support on this post.  Make sure to stay tuned as within the week I’ll be showcasing some of his work in a Real Wedding feature, which will be the first of its kind!  Can’t wait!

Love to you all,

MO xx