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Hallo beautiful people.

The weather is getting a bit better don’t you think?

Today’s MO Loves is a bit different as I talk to you about an amazing wedding website developer.

When Andi first spoke to me, I was fixed to the email because he was talking about this wedding donkey and I was like what is this wedding donkey?  After a few reads I realised the company name was Wedding Donkey!  Love this name by the way.

Wedding websites are becoming more and more popular as it’s a great tool to share with everyone your wedding plans and detailed information about your wedding day.

Wedding Donkey really couldn’t be simpler, easy to use and easy to create a masterpiece website!

Create a Wedding Website

Wedding Donkey is an online service that enables you to create your personal wedding website including your own online gift registry and RSVP. You can choose from a selection of cute, elegant, modern and unique wedding website templates.

Wedding Donkey is brought to you by a small team of dedicated software developers who are passionate about building easy to use and intuitive tools that make the Internet a better place. They also focus on honest, open and personal communication with our customers.

See below for a few of my favourite themes.

Wedding Donkey

What do you think?

If you’re looking for an easy and simple wedding website then this is the route to go down.

Contact Andi for more information, or see his price plans.

Have fun and speak soon.

MO xx