MO Loves White Lilac

Afternoooooonnnnnnnn!  I’m in an amazing mood today, maybe because I’m moving to BRADFORD-ON-AVON or maybe it’s because it’s a beautiful day.

So back to the MO Loves and I’m thrilled to feature two of my favourite florists EVER!  They are just fantastical and I love them.  They are from White Lilac Flowers and I’m sure you love their name too?  It’s the best name for them as it sums them up perfectly, fresh and distinctive.

I was lucky to meet up with them about 2 weeks ago now and as soon as I met them I knew we would hit it off, we even have disgust for chair covers and love for marmite!  Why wouldn’t I love them?

Anyway I bet you’re dying to meet them, so here is why I love White Lilac Flowers so much…

Matthew Oliver Weddings Loves

Jade and Keeli successfully run White Lilac flowers together in the picturesque village of Blounce just outside Historic Odiham. White Lilac specialise in flowers for Weddings, Events and corporate flowers covering Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and London.

“We love using seasonal flowers so that they are looking stunning for our Bride and Groom on their wedding day and also being cost effective for them”.

Top tips from the White Lilac girls…..

* Move as many of your flowers from your ceremony on to your reception as possible, pedestals can be moved either side of an entrance or the top table for a dramatic effect, while pew ends can be used to decorate the backs of the bridal table chairs.

* If the flowers you have set your heart to break your budget, limit them to your bouquet – this way you get to enjoy them all day and they will be in almost all of your wedding photos.

*Candles are a great way to fill a space and create a gorgeous warm ambience.

Thanks for the tips ladies.

Here are a few beautiful images…

Matthew Oliver Weddings Loves

As I said before I’m sure you will fall in love with them as much as I have, even if it’s just the flowers.

For more info you can contact them here.

Keeli: 07769 665151

Jade: 07899 975542

I hope you have enjoyed this and I’ll be back extremely soon.

Here’s to a happy, happy day.

Love you all.

MO xx