My Top 10 Beyonce Songs!

No one ever said this blog was just about weddings! More about my story; and of course weddings are my first love, but like anyone else I have other loves!

Beyonce has been in my life since I could remember and to celebrate Beyonce’s return at the Super Bowl this Sunday I thought I’ll create my top 10 favourite Beyonce’s songs! Sad I know, but if you knew me, you would expect it!


1) Countdown

2) Sweet Dreams

3) Crazy In Love

4) Upgrade U

5) Halo

6) Keep Giving Your Love To Me

7) Sweet Dreams/Dangerously In Love Acoustic

8) Run The World (Girls)

9) I Can’t Take No More

10) Diva

There we have it, my top 10 Beyonce songs and it was’nt easy one bit!

Tell me, what are yours?

Thanks for reading, all my love.

MO xx