One For The Brides


It’s blog Friday! (actually I just made that up… It’s Friday and I’m writing a blog..) Anyway… It’s Friday! Hurrah! I hope the week has gone well for everyone? Winston and I have been forced to listen to Matthew attempting to sing along to Alicia Key’s new album (please feel sorry for us), whilst we’ve been finalising our new website, in preparation of it’s launch! 

This week I wanted to speak to just the brides out there about Bride attire, and attempt to pass on some advice that I’ve picked up over the last couple of years. I know what you’re thinking, ‘wow you must look awesome in a wedding dress!’ And you are of course right! 😉 Anyway here are a few points to keep at the back of your mind when looking for your wonderful wedding day attire;

  1. The choice is yours! It’s your wedding and your dress, since you’re the one who is going to be wearing it (and probably also spending a small fortune). So don’t feel pressured into a white dress, go with whatever feels right for you, whether that be a different colour, a more unorthodox fit or something completely left field (wedding bikini?!). The choice is all yours.
  2. Make sure whichever dress you choose, you not only love the look, but also love to wear it. As in, make sure it’s comfortable! You’re going to be spending a long, hectic, emotional day in this dress, so comfort is key. The last thing you want is to keep fidgeting, rearranging or feel the need to get out of it early!
  3. Should you choose to buy your dress online, first off don’t before you get the chance to see/try it on first (or make sure they have a good returns policy! No one wants that hassle). Secondly make sure you have at least one professional fitting, as you want to look the very best you can in your dress.
    Matthew Oliver International Wedding Planner

    Paula Broome Photography & Ever Photography – Dress by Nortier Shallow

  4. A popular choice is a bespoke design dress, this will take more time so ensure to factor that in, it also needs you to have a strong idea of self style and what you know looks good on you. There’s no trying on this dress before you ‘buy’, because it doesn’t exist, it comes from the minds and creativity of you and your dressmaker, so building a relationship there is key. Though when it’s right it can be truly beautiful, a unique representation of you and your special day. I’m going to mention our good friends at Nortier Shallow who brought some of their beautiful bespoke dresses to our New Forest photoshoot last year. Simply beautiful.
  5. Accessories! It goes without saying that accessories really complete the ensemble. Pairing the right shoes, veil, jewellery with the style of the dress and style of the day is key. Britten Weddings (Matthews sister is the designer!) do some truly beautiful pieces, many of which have featured in our weddings as well as photoshoots. Worth checking out I reckon!
    Matthew Oliver International Wedding Planner

    Paula Broome Photography & Ever Photography – Veil by Britten Weddings

  6. Last but not least, and I may only be saying this because I’m a planner and by default a stickler for schedules, but timings! Make sure you practice/time getting into your dress in advance, so you know how much time you are going to need on the day. If there’s a few hundred clasps or intricate lacing it is going to take quite a bit longer… no one wants the clichè of arriving late to their own wedding and delaying the fun!

The thing to remember is there isn’t really a bad decision when it comes to choosing your wedding day attire, if whatever you choose makes you feel special, then it is definitely the right choice for you. If it ticks any of the above as well, now that’s just a bonus!

Right, I should get back to replying to some emails, I’m taking Matthew out for dinner tonight somewhere new, before seeing Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, soo excited!!

Until next time…

Love Bertie Xx

Matthew Oliver International Wedding Planner

Paula Broome Photography & Ever Photography – Dress by Nortier Shallow