Panda’s & Cow’s – A Black & White Wedding

Black & White Weddings

Firstly I like to apologise for the blogging this week, I can imagine you have missed me!

I promise I’ll upload my two most recent 5 Reasons in the next few days, both on great subjects.

I broke my promise and feel terrible about it, but hopefully you will forgive me after you look at my most recent design inspiration on Panda’s and Cow’s (please don’t ask why I name my boards after animals, objects or food).

Obviously this design board is about Black & White weddings, which let you use your imagination when creating it, as it’s so classic and chic.

However it can look magnificent or tacky when created together, so make sure you keep the design tamed and I know it could be easy, but stay away from chair covers (my hidden disgust).

Once created you will have a gorgeous and elegant wedding, which you will never forget!

Here is my Black & White Wedding Design in colour

Black & White Wedding Colour Design

And here it is in Black & White…

Black & White Wedding Palette

As always, here is the links to these fabulous designs, photos and products, where I got my inspiration.


Martha Stewart

The 1 For U 

Best Wedding Collections

Ivory Pearl Interiors  

OMG I‘m Getting Married

Vera Wang

OMG I‘m Getting Married

Jerome C Rousseau

Ridge Tuxedo

Lily Anna Rose

Here is my link to the Panda’s and Cow’s Pinterest board, where you will see more photos and inspiration.

Thanks for viewing.

MO xx