Planning the best outdoor wedding!


The week is at it’s end and for most that’s a great thing, however here at Matthew Oliver we love all things wedding, so we’ve decided to spend our Saturday visiting a stunning venue that we get the pleasure of working with this year, that venue being Aynhoe Park. Can’t wait! Though first I get the honour of introducing Cassie Steele, a freelancer who couldn’t wait to share her tips on ‘Planning the best outdoor wedding’; as lovers of planning outdoor weddings we jumped right on board with her top tips and couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Check them out below;

Tips for Outdoor Wedding Reception Design

Having your wedding reception outside is beautiful – there is no more inspiring canvas than the canopy of stars above us. When you are designing your wedding reception, you need to work in harmony with the environment, rather than against it. This is why over 40% get married in the summer months, as there are more daylight hours and it is warmer.  You are never going to be able to change the weather, or stop the sunset, so it is always best to prepare your party ready for the elements.

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Lake Como, Italy – Photography by Ed Godden

Keeping your guests warm

As the evening draws in, the temperature drops, even in summer. When you are planning, it is important to decide how to keep your outdoor reception warm, without compromising on your design scheme. Having a campfire lit can look pretty, but be hazardous if there is a breeze. You should also consider safety, particularly if your guests are going to be consuming alcohol. A safer and attractive alternative is to install an outdoor bio-ethanol fireplace. They come in many different designs and will keep your party warm, without needed care and attention.

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Amalfi Coast, Italy – by We are Bubblerock Photography

Say no to mosquitos

When twilight draws in, so do the mosquitos, particularly in summer. You don’t want your wedding guests to go home with lots of bites. The best way to deal with this is to use citronella candles as a deterrent. When you are designing table centrepieces and natural lighting for your wedding, incorporating these candles will give the air a beautiful natural fragrance as well as driving away insects. Tealights can also be suspended from the trees in glass jars tied with rope if it is not too windy.

Make sure everyone has comfy feet

One of the most wonderful things at a wedding reception is to watch everyone let their hair down and enjoy themselves. A little music gets everyone dancing. If you are having your reception outside, you should take into account the floor surface, which may be uneven. If you have guests wearing high heeled shoes, this can get a little hazardous, especially if the ground is soft. It is a great idea to provide a box of flip flops for people to use on the dance floor – it will remind them too of the beach. It is an inexpensive touch, and they can take them home as a souvenir at the end of the night.

When you are designing your outdoor wedding reception, planning how you are going to keep your friends and family warm and comfortable is incredibly important. This way everyone can enjoy the beautiful party and celebration of marriage.

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Loire Valley, France – by Ben Yew Photography

Some fantastic tips there from Cassie, with great photos from some of the incredible photographers we get to work with at our weddings. I hope Cassie has swayed you to consider an outside wedding, especially if you are marrying abroad, there is so much natural beauty in nature and if you can create your wedding within and as a part of that beauty you can’t go wrong. And if you need a helping hand or two, just give us a shout!

Now have a wonderful weekend, wherever it may take you, and we’ll have something new for you soon! 


(main blog image by WeAreBubbleRock)