POP ART Wedding


So today has been quite successful, talked to wedding clients about their wedding, met up with a venue to see if it was suitable for weddings (it was) and created a chicken blog post!!  You’re like a CHICKEN BLOG POST??  Yes I do free-lance blog posts and one company wanted me to write about chickens, so a very proactive day.

Oh and of course I created this beauty, well I’ve been putting it together for a while and tah dah here is my POP ART WEDDING creation, or in other words – design board.

I’ve been in love with pop art since I studied it in college as I love the in your face colour and abstract shapes.  So as I’m obsessed with the design of pop art, I decided to create this number which showcases a perfect, creative and domineering wedding theme.

Pop art weddings follow the eclectic and crazy wedding route as they’re different and need the theme to make the wedding work.

Here’s my design…

Abstract Weddings

As always I’ll like to thank the amazing artists for their inspiration for making this design board work.

Flowers – Aaron Shintaku Photography

Save The Date – Etsy and One Wed

Paper Chains – Etsy, by BKCookie

Lolly Pop Lady – The Beautiful Kat from Rock ‘N’ Roll Bride, photographed by Eliza Claire Photography

Love Font – Scene Setter

Shoe – Revive Me Boutique

Groom – Brides

Table Setting – Wedding Concierge

Thank you guys, you’re amazing.

Oh, I almost forgot, here is the link to my pinterest board of Pop Art Wedding with more photos and inspiration.

So that concludes me as of today and I could be back tomorrow or Friday with yet another blog post by me, Matthew Oliver.

Thanks for popping by and love you all.

MO xx