Preparing For Rain On Your Wedding Day

Although the idea of the heavens opening and there being no respite from the rain on your big day is probably not something you want to think about, it’s something that you need to plan for just in case. Besides, it’s supposedly good luck if it rains on your wedding day so bear that in mind. If you see that the weather forecast has given out rain on your big day then the first thing you’ll want to do is cry but it’s important to hold back the tears and think about the best way to handle the weather.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve planned an indoor or outdoor ceremony and reception because the rain won’t ruin either – remember, it’s part of the fun of getting married in the great outdoors. Although rain might be the last thing you want to see for the forecast of your big day it’s essential to take a deep breath and think about plan B so that your day will be just as impressive despite the weather.

  • Don’t be indecisive

It’s essential to decide early on in the planning what you’re going to do if there’s bad weather and it’s important to stick to whatever you decide. If you’ve arranged your ceremony to be outside and you’ve got your heart set on it staying outside then tell your guests to bring umbrellas with them and to be prepared to stand up for your ceremony – it’s your day and they’ll all accept your orders because they want to share it with you.

Most venues will have some kind of contingency plan in plan in place which will allow them to perform a ceremony intended for outside, inside should the weather turn for the worst and if you’re happy with their plans and you’ll be happier inside than you will standing out in the rain then have it inside. Whatever you decide to do, don’t think about it for too long because it will only add to your stress levels, just have a chat with your partner and your venue to see what can be done.

  • Trust the professionals

Out of all of the vendors that you looked at you settled on the few that you have and you chose them for a reason, they know what they’re doing so trust them. It’s Britain so they’ll have done plenty of weddings in the rain which means it won’t hinder them at all. Your photographer will probably get particularly excited because it’s very rare for people to want to be outside in the rain even though you can get some of the most beautiful shots.

Premier Carriage - Rainy Wedding Day

  • Preparation

Who says you can’t get married in wellies? In fact wellies can bring some real alternative style to your wedding that everyone will love. If you’ve seen that it’s almost certainly going to rain for your wedding then head out to buy matching wellies and brollies for you and your wedding party so that you’re ready to party no matter what the weather throws at you.

  • Deal with it

The prospect of rain on your wedding day might seem like the most important thing at the moment but on the day, when the rain is beating down you really won’t care because it’s your wedding day! The rain shouldn’t stop you from getting the shots you want and if you’ve got umbrellas, parasols and wellies then it means you can get a few quirky shots that wouldn’t have been possible on a sunny day too.

  • Appreciate

Although it might not be what you had planned the rain really can bring a type of beauty that you wouldn’t have in the glorious sunshine. A rainy day will bring a greater contrast of colour to your photos than you’d have on a bright sunny day meaning that they’ll make a huge statement on your mantel piece. A wedding ceremony that involves colourful umbrellas and wellies will help nerves to dissipate because it brings an element of fun and quirkiness.

Having guests traipsing up and down, laughing in the rain under umbrellas will be something that none of you will ever forget meaning that you’ll have the wedding day that most people can only dream of – one that’s unforgettable.

  • Transport

Many people get hung up about their photos in the rain and their guests getting wet but what a lot of people don’t consider is the transport that they’re using to travel in. If you’re getting married in the winter months then the possibility of rain or even snow is something that you need to consider when choosing your mode of transport. A topless car, horseback or an open top bus might seem like a great idea when you’re planning the event but if it rains then you’ll arrive at the church pretty soggy; that doesn’t mean that you can’t travel using these modes of transport though, for example if you want to travel on horseback then make sure there’s a carriage on standby in case the weather makes a turn for the worse and if you want to travel in a convertible, make sure there’s a roof that can be put up if the heaven’s open – some old convertibles didn’t have a roof at all.

Premier Carriage - Wedding car

There are loads of ways that you can cater for the rain on your big day without allowing it to hinder your plans at all and your guests will be happy to stand out in the rain as long as you’re happy to do the same.

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