Pretty Little Frenchy

Hello my lovelies, how are thee?

I know this is major late as we’ve had the craze and the film came out years ago, but as I only just watched the film the other day and also had an enquiry for a Marie Antoinette wedding, so me being me I thought I should create this pretty little frenchy board.

Even though I say we’ve had the craze, there is still a massive demand for this style and design.  It’s completely creative and brings simply venues to life with the colour and the wowness.

It’s also very similar to the now craze of pastel weddings, but just darker and brighter tonnes than its modern sister, if that makes sense?

So here it is my Pretty Little Frenchy board!!

Pastel Wedding Design

As always I love to thank the amazing inspiration and this week, it’s from…

The Venue – Anna and Spencer Photographer

Roses in Bucket – Flickr

Feather Fan – Britten

Cupcakes and Flowers – Maison Des Roses

Table Arrangement – Frou Frou Fashionista

Place Setting – Plush Palete

Cake – Unknown :-/ (please credit)

Teacups – Unknown :-/ (please credit)

Thank you to all the above, they are all extremely amazing!!

Oh and I forgot, thank you to you for popping by and coming along to this pretty little frenchy party!

Also to see more of pretty little frenchy, go to my Pinterest board for more pretty pictures!

Take care and love you all.

Matthew Oliver xx