Questions to ask Wedding Venues Before Making the Booking

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So this is not a 5 reasons video, this is probably my first ever video that is not a 5 reasons video!  I thought I’ll start creating more videos like this as it generally gives more advice.

The reason I started this and created it differently is because I didn’t know how I could make this subject into a 5 reasons video!  This is a really important subject to me, as like I’ve said many a times, venues think they rule the industry and take money left right and center.  You need to make sure it’s the perfect venue before putting down a deposit, as otherwise you can be caught in a web with them.

Venues have a tendency to treat you just like the other wedding, when you go and see them and if this is the case, you know it’s not the right place for you.

You need to feel special and feel like you’re the only person in the whole world getting married.  Bering comfortable is so important as it won’t result to stress and anger.

If you have any doubts when looking at venues make sure you discuss them with your partner and look at other venues, because you don’t want any issues down the line!

You can be quite lucky in asking for discounts, so don’t be afraid to see what they’re offering, although some won’t budge because they think they’ll make another booking anyway if you don’t book!  That’s the attitude they have, this is why I’ve created this video.

Stay true to yourself and create the wedding you want, and however you want!

Anyway without any further a due here is the video…

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