Searching for your’ Beautiful Venue:

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In this article (as I’m researching into them) I’m going to focus on one of the most important parts of your wedding ‘Searching for your’ Beautiful Venue’.

There are so many types out there, Stately Homes, Manor Houses, Hotels, Barn’s, Castles, Yachts, Marquees, Zoo etc.  I have shown a few that I’ve had either a special connection with or that I loved from researching below.

– The gorgeous Clandon Park (Stately Home) – Guildford, Surrey –


– The Tithe Barn (Barn) – Petersfield, Hampshire –

Before starting you would have decided on the ceremony, if it’s somewhere else like a Church or registry office or you want to hold everything in one venue.

When starting you need to research what you’re after and where you want the venue to be located.  You may want to keep it traditional and have it where you were brought up, or go to the other side of the world for a foreign wedding.  The reason you need to research and look into venues before is because you want to know the history, style, if it’s busy, when are the best times to have it and of course the availability.  Also it has to resemble what you have always dreamt of and your personality, e.g. My sister loves vintage and she had the most beautiful wedding at Maunsel House, which was filled with beautiful little vintage things.  Every venue will be different in its own way and what you will ask yourself is does it resemble my style?

– The beautiful Maunsel House (Manor House) – Somerset –

When you have researched at least 10 or so you will need to cut it down to a list of favourites (bearing in mind this can change when you go and see each of them).  I recommend in contacting each of them and having a viewing on each, make sure you’re organised by using your scrap book/notepad as you will need to list the appointment times and when you’re visiting.  You will need to visit them all fairly close together so you remember each one and their differences.  This helps narrowing it down to the final 3 (like X-Factor).

When you are visiting your venues you want to go “awwwwwww that’s beautiful” (or something along those lines) when you pull up.  If there is no sign then it’s not the venue for you.

– Highcliffe Castle (Castle) – Dorset –

You will always meet someone who will escort you around which will normally be the person you will be dealing with if you book the venue.  This person can make or break your decision in deciding this venue so make sure they are well dressed, very polite and know exactly what they are talking about.  You need to ask them loads of questions as you may not come back for awhile so make sure you plan your questions beforehand.  Obviously you will have more questions at a later date and can contact them in the process.  So make sure you ask as many questions as possible when you first see them as this not only makes you look interested it shows organisation and helps in choosing the right venue.  Remember that one question could be why that venue can’t accommodate your wedding!

Little Tip: – Write down notes when on your tour.  It’s not rude to be writing down whilst you’re being spoken to or being shown around it’s the norm in this business.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How many persons can fit in each room?
  • How many tables can I have in the room?
  • Can we use each room?
  • Where does the drinks reception take place?
  • What time can we come and set up?
  • Will you be here on the day?

What to take with you:

  • A Camera,
  • Note Pad with questions,
  • A Wedding Planner :-).

– Ocean Flyer Yacht (Yacht) – Pafos Cyprus –

Now this is the hard part as you will need to write down the advantages and disadvantages of each venue you like to help narrow the venues down to the perfect one (some of you are lucky as you may know it when going around, but others may find it super hard).  You will also need to write down the “5 KEY POINTS” which are costs, location, attractiveness, your style and discount.  This tip will become extremely useful in narrowing the venues down especially if you’re drawn between two.

Of course once you found the perfect venue then you can go right into the fun elements of decoration and style, which is a whole different story…………………

This can be a lot easier if you have a wedding planner as they will do all the research, costings and breakdowns for you.  Majority of us do have venue searching as one of our services, so if you’re unsure we can just help at this part or push you in the right direction as it can be a tiresome task.  Otherwise I hope this article helps you find your’ beautiful venue.

Happy Thursday evening everyone.

– Matthew Hiscutt
Your Wedding Planner

*Special thanks to Clandon Park, The Tithe Barn, Maunsel House, Highcliffe Castle and Ocean Flyer Yacht.