Should you have a Wedding registry?


How are you all?  I hope you’re enjoying this lovely weather?

I’ve been looking at recent trends and it seems that over the last couple of years there has been a growing trend to move away from the traditional wedding gift registry, couples no longer scour the John Lewis website for things they may or may not need.  Only to then have to squeeze them into their house, dreams of becoming the next culinary master with fantastical appliances, which you optimistically added to your list, fading into the dust covered abyss of a corner cupboard…

Matthew Oliver Wedding and Events Planner

Image credits – Kitchen Ware – Unknown, Dinner Set – Neiman Marcus and Food Processor – Zola

Instead couples appear to be foregoing such kitchen extravagances and poling to the slightly more practical.  When answering their wonderful friends and family, who wish to give a little something, in a refreshing change to pointing them towards a list filled with lampshades and draught excluders, they are requesting a monetary contribution of some kind.  This can be said to be for any number of things; new house, home improvements, car? …my favourite and I think most popular is the honeymoon.  There’s no getting around it, weddings are expensive and to then save for a fancy holiday after is sometimes stretching the budget a little too far.  This can therefore be a great solution and a good way to free up some extra funds for the wedding itself!  Though I would still suggest putting some money aside to start the fund off.

Matthew Oliver Wedding and Events Planner

Image credits – Unknown (my dream house)

Matthew Oliver Wedding and Events Planner

Image credit – Positano, Amalfi coast Italy

 Matthew Oliver Wedding and Event Planner

Image credit – Najac in the Midi-Pyrénées region, France

It’s not only the boring financial benefits of having a honeymoon from the generosity of your guests but it sets you off into married life with a burst of spontaneity!  You get to sit down and search for the perfect last minute deal and then head off, perfect!  Not only that your guests get the pleasure of seeing your honeymoon pics and know they contributed to that happiness, what could be better?!  Now I’m not saying the tradition of a gift list should be lost, for some the gifts are the perfect reminder of their special day and the guests that attended.  For me I like the idea and spontaneity of a last minute holiday, not only that but actually using your guests gift and enjoying it.

Just know that there is more than one option out there.  Anyway enough of me rambling on! Have a great day and we’ll catch up soon!Bertie1


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