Stephanie & Martin’s Wedding in the Hampshire Countryside


How are we today?  What a lovely day it is too?  I even have washing on the line (never happens).

Do you remember my videographer competition back in February?  It was a competition to win Go Forth Wedding Films for your wedding?

Obviously I had to pick a winner, and it was this lovely couple, Stephanie and Martin!  I’m soooooo happy they won because look at how much they’re in love!

Opppps, I’m giving it all away before you watch it, here it is…

Stephanie & Martin’s Wedding in the Hampshire Countryside from Go Forth Wedding Films on Vimeo.

Don’t you think it’s such a fun film?  I love when the jazzy/funky song comes on.

You can definitely see how talented Go Forth Wedding Films are, and if you’re looking for a great wedding video, these guys should be considered!  And between you and me, as they’re just hitting the big time, you may get a nice little discount.  Don’t tell them I told you ;-).

Thanks for popping by and love you all.

Matthew Oliver Wedding Planner xx