Subtle But Important Wedding Day Tips


Huge apologies for it being 9 days late! But hey ho, we’re still in the ‘New Year’ and we are certainly still wishing you are all happy! We have slightly been off the grid over the holidays, what with traipsing around the country visiting wonderful family and friends. The other thing that has kept us busy (as well as continued planning of our fantastic 2017 weddings – more to follow on this), is that Matthew, Winston and I have just moved house (exciting!) and dealt with all the craziness which comes with it! But we are settled in now and love it!

Right, I think that’s enough of a catch up and now to the important bit! Which is our first guest post of 2017, coming from the lovely people over at, a site dedicated to custom made dresses online. They’re here to talk about subtle but important wedding day tips, have a good read and pop over to their site to see what they’re all about…

A wedding day is perhaps the most important and memorable day of most people’s lives. People spend a considerable amount of time planning their wedding day. The level of effort, investment, and time that goes into planning a wedding day is just colossal. To say the least, to plan the perfect wedding is hard both on your body and mind. A wedding day is much more than just a cheerful evening with friends. It is the celebration of eternal love and marks the beginning of togetherness. We have seen a lot of people skimming through magazines, searching for any tips that they can get for planning their dream wedding day. Here we will give some simple, subtle, yet important and often ignored tips on planning your wedding day to the perfection.

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Sleep well before you wedding day

You want to look your absolute best for your wedding day, right?  You try to hire the best makeup artist, you buy the best wedding dress, you do everything in your power except one. People often take on too much stress and end up with sleepless nights. The result of not sleeping enough is that you look bloated and stressed out on your wedding day. Take our advice, it’s your wedding, you have worked hard on planning it, now take a night off, sleep well and you will look just stunning on your wedding day.

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Don’t miss your breakfast

We know it will be busy as hell on your wedding day. There will be a million things you will need to attend to. We won’t advise you to sit back and let someone else take care of all the things. It’s your wedding and you obviously need to be active to make sure that everything is in the right order. But in order to be so active you will need a lot of energy and skipping breakfast won’t help you solve any problems. Eat a healthy breakfast that is high in protein and carbs so that you can do everything and still feel energetic for the actual moment.

Make sure you have enough time to dress

You must have seen a lot of brides panicking at the last moment. If you do not choose to have a custom made wedding gown, but perhaps order a standard size, it is easy to have the situation : “OMG, this dress doesn’t fit me” moment. Yes, it happens, and it happens to a lot of us. But it’s not something that can’t be fixed. All you need is enough time. Make sure you start dressing early and if something is not looking right then you have plenty of time to get it fixed.

Don’t wear too much make up:

Make up makes you look good and we are not questioning it at all. But too much makeup might not look so awesome. Consult with your makeup artist and try to wear the exact make up a day before your wedding day, so that you know how it will make you look. Our advice is to keep it simple and sweet. Too much make up will prevent your skin from breathing and you might end up looking like a dull doll.

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For Grooms: Get used to the new shoes

It’s so obvious that you will buy a new pair of shoes for your wedding day. A lot of grooms think that they should not wear the new shoes before the wedding day. Actually, you should do the exact opposite of this. New shoes can be a bit uncomfortable and they can also give you some pain. Unless you want to snapped making a squishy face in your photographs, make sure you have tried the shoes before your wedding day. Most of the leather shoes are uncomfortable in the beginning but as you wear them, they open up and everything falls back to normalcy.

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Talk to your friends

It happens quite often that friends go overboard with their behaviour. Sometimes it’s fun but sometimes it can also be a bit embarrassing. Our advice, talk to your friends and discuss the expected behaviour. Make sure you communicate clearly and avoid sounding rude. Grooms need to do it without exception. We all know that guys can behave a bit crazy on the reception evening, but a simple discussion can help maintain the decorum.

Some real insightful elements in there and if you are planning your own wedding they are definitely tips you should bear in mind! If you don’t fancy planning it yourself then take a gander at our Services page and get in touch! All that’s left for me to do is say a massive thank you to and wish you all an amazing week.

Speak soon!

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