5 Reasons… Why You Shouldn’t Have Chair Covers at Your Wedding

Whoop whoop it’s 16 oc down here in Petersfield; got the windows open having a little bathe in the sun, got a mojito in my right hand (How much of that do you believe?).

So here is the first 5 Reasons of the week and one subject I’m going to be rather nasty on, which is don’t have chair covers at your wedding!

I’m going to blunt with you and honestly say I HATE CHAIR COVERS!  It’s out and you’re all probably thinking this guy has gone mad.  Yes I’m a little mad, but you’re mad if you think chair covers are needed at your wedding!

I think they’re terrible and ruin the whole design, colour and character of a wedding.

I won’t rage anymore, I’ll let you watch the video for yourself and have your own opinion.

Sorry about my anger towards them, though I do feel a lot better by getting this out in the open.

Thanks for watching and speak soon.

MO xx