5 Reasons… To Get Fit For Your Wedding

Feeling good and looking good is important to us all for our wedding as we want everyone to say how marvellous we look and that we’re glowing!

Getting fit before the day is one way for these dreams to happen, it’s not a negative it’s a positive.  As I have said numerous times we all look beautiful and we will all look fantastic for our day; though if you start exercise you will get more than beautiful, you will get inner peace as well (I didn’t get that from Kung Fu Panda, honestly).

Exercise does not only make you look good, it makes you feel good and relaxed!  Doing exercise in the process of your plans will make you feel a lot better than not, as planning a wedding is a stressful event, especially if you have not got the time to plan it!

Watch the video to help you decide if doing exercise is for you.

What did you think? Will you start the exercise?

Love you all and until next time.

MO xx