Strawberries With a Pot of Caramel!

Red and Beige Wedding

Afternoon everyone; and a massive happy Friday to you all!  I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Today’s blog post is another weekly colour palette which I’m sure you will think is just utterly scrumptious (I do).

Strawberries and Caramel sound delicious but as you all know, this is something you can’t eat!  It’s a colour palette using Red and Camel; which looks sensationally gorgeous as a wedding theme or design.

I love red and as red has been overused in the past years for weddings, adding another colour to it, will make it more original and unique.

As this combination has not been used that much, I think it will work beautifully with any 1950’s style weddings, autumn weddings or another idea is a rustic or farmyard wedding.

Take a look below, for this edible colour inspiration.

Red Wedding Designs

As always I like to thank the following for the inspiration (It wasn’t easy finding photos using these two colours, but massive thanks to the following.).

Vera Wang

Wedding Chicks

Un Beau Jour

Martha Stewart

Deli Cooks

Wardrobe Whisperer

Kristen Thomas En Luxe

Glocal Girl




The Perfect Palette

I hope this has given you some inspiration into using these beautiful colours?  If you want to see more of my inspiration than please look at my Pinterest board using these colours.

I’ll be back next week with another colour palette to rest your eyes over.

Have a beautiful weekend and speak soon.

MO xx