5 Reasons… How To Co-ordinate Your Wedding Day

Afternoon beautiful, beautiful people!

I do hope you had a lovely weekend?  Mine was, well quite energetic, let me tell you – fancy dressing, prosecco stealing, gate crashing, cat chasing, cider tasting, game playing, old school dancing, binge eating, country walking and a whole load of Grey’s Anatomy!  I think, energetic was the right word!

Today’s 5 Reasons is how to co-ordinate your wedding day (of course you’re not co-ordinating it), it’s about preparing for it and how to plan your co-ordination with the right tools.  Alternatively, wedding planners offer services for on the day management at realistic prices.

There is so much to think about when planning your wedding, but it all comes down to one day, so the organisation has to be perfect with no glitches.

This video is here to help you organise for the big day with the tools you need to help co-ordinate it!

I hope this proves useful and helps you understand that planning your co-ordination is a big part of planning your day.

Take care and speak, extremely soon.

MO xx