5 Reasons…. On Wedding Music at Your Wedding

Hello, hello, oh how I have missed you all!  I hope your all well and happy?

I love music and I’m sure you do to?  Music makes me who I am and my favourite’s are girl bands, girl singers and girl rappers (do you see a link there).

I think music at your wedding is so important as it will make or break your day!  You need to use the right music at the right time to make it all work.  It has to work with your whole design, style and theme otherwise it will break.  You don’t want to have Missy Elliott if your style or theme is a county garden wedding!

In this video it talks about where you can place your music and what options are out there to use, however this we all be down to your design and theme.

I hope this video helps with the general purpose of keeping your wedding alive.

Take care and love you all.

MO xx