5 Reasons… On The Maid of Honour’s Job!

Afternoon everyone.  Hope your well?

Today’s blog post is about the Maid of Honour (Head Brides Maid) and what their actual job is! Recently I have seen a lot of slack from them!  Maybe it’s because they’re lazy or maybe it’s because they actually don’t actually know what their job entails!

Maid of Honour’s have a big part before and on the wedding day itself!  The main job is to support the Bride in everything she does and asks, remembering to give honest advice and attention at all times.

They need them and that’s why they picked her to be there right hand lady!

In this video you will find out 5 of the main duties that Maid of Honour’s have to undergo.

How did you find it?  Useful I hope.

I’m sure I’ll be speaking to you all very soon.

MO xx