The Beauty of “The Real Flower Company”

I know it has been a long time, but as you can see from my site design a lot has changed.  I hope you like the style and the completion of the site?  I am exceedingly happy with the result at this stage.  I know though in a few months down the line I will want to change it all again, but for now I am happy :-).

How have you all been and what have you all been up to?  Anything exciting?

This post is about another fantastic supplier I met recently “The Real Flower Company”

I went to go and see them at their shop in Midhurst and fell in love with the whole look, aurora, style and image they use for their designs and presentation.

The Real Flower Company

We went through there logistics and how they work, so I got a better understanding of it all and I just felt so relaxed and comfortable.  When I left I felt exceedingly happy.

For those of you who don’t know the Real Flower Company, they are a florist company based in South England (Petersfield/Midhurst) where they actually grow all there flowers except a few at their farm in Petersfield and amazingly they also have a farm in South Africa (No wonder why they have such a huge name for themselves).  Their aim was to bring back the scented garden rose back into fashion at the time when the florist industry was all mass produced from the same suppliers and they achieved exactly what their aim was with just bringing back scented flowers into popularity again and from that they have grown into one of the biggest florists in the South of England, offering a wide range of services.

The great thing is you don’t have to be a local bride to order flowers from them as they deliver them in these beautiful rustic boxes and they don’t get damaged at all!

Matthew Oliver Weddings - The Wedding Planner

They have a lot of care and passion with what they design and create.  The important thing is they listen to every single aspect from the client to produce just what they are looking for with minimum change and confusion.

Here are a few photos from inside their shop.

Matthew Oliver - The Wedding Planner

If you traveling in the area of Midurst/Petersfield I highly recommend going into say hi as you will all love the shop, it’s set up like a luxury garden would look like (extremely rustic and beautiful).  Any excuse to get your partner or Nan a little pressie :-).

Matthew Oliver Weddings - The Wedding Planner

As you know I love everything to do with flowers, so it was a huge honour to go and see some fantastic local florists who not only have great attention to detail and fantastic customer service, they show how much love they put into each display!

Check out everything about them at

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Tomorrow it will be back onto the long anticipated MO – 5 Reasons…. Why?  Come back tomorrow.

All my love and best.

Matthew Oliver