The Best Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas: Chic and Easy Formulas to Try

With spring in full bloom, it’s no wonder so many eager brides and grooms decide to tie the knot during this wonderful, blossoming season! The weather is pure perfection, there are a number of venues they can choose from, which means that open gardens, wineries, and churches are all an option. This, however, might make things a bit more complicated for you, their guest. However, you can rest assured that some of our finest suggestions will suit any occasion, any venue and any weather occasion.

Photo credit – Isasouri Photography

Let’s take a look at several of the most effective, effortless and in-style outfits you can consider for your next wedding! Luckily, you can also mix and match some of the ideas found in each of these looks, so you can invent your own, entirely new and fresh style.

Go with a power suit in pastels

The attention given to power suits in recent years has not waned one bit, and this makes for an ideal opportunity to put together a classy suit in which you’ll feel mighty as well as comfortable. The popularity of the power suit has also brought on a whole slew of different designer solutions, so we no longer have to stick to dull greys and charcoal black. In fact, bright, creamy hues have stolen the spotlight to give that feminine touch even to the sharpest of dressers among you!

While a pair of fitted pants and a matching jacket in soft pink, lilac or even sunny yellow are a great option with plenty of room to play around with accessories, you can always opt for a pencil skirt, a crop top and a jacket as well. This one makes for a great choice for any weather and venue, as it’s easily adjusted with a scarf and different footwear.

Think boho thoughts

If the bride is into boho chic and the entire wedding will have a theme that is a spring, floral mood, then why not craft an outfit in the same spirit? With spring weather working in your favour, you can easily choose a mini or midi floral dress or even a maxi one! Textured skirts with a sheer layer also work wonderfully for these occasions, while a simple pastel blazer will keep you warm in case of any weather changes.

Mind the footwear, though, because the right shoes will transform the dress completely. For example, while those wonderful, Roman-style leather sandals are great for summer, you should still consult the forecast before you choose something so light. Heels with some fringe are a wonderful idea if you’re a true boho girl at heart!

Stick with classic elegance

With a wardrobe filled with cocktail dresses and pumps, you don’t have to go out of your way to reinvent the wheel – all you need is some inspiration to give your existing dresses a makeover and a fun twist with the right accessories! If you stick with practical as well as classy, then a leather tote bag is a must-have for a wedding. It’s a timeless addition to any outfit, plus, it will accommodate all of your necessities such as your phone, wallet, makeup and any other feminine items you cannot leave your home without!

With such an accessory in your hand, any little black dress (which you can absolutely rock to a wedding, by the way!) will instantly become a hit. Add a layered, colourful necklace, and a pair of curious shoes, and you’re all set. Of course, you can always go with an intriguing pattern for your cocktail dress, since a leather bag works with everything!

Opt for a retro vibe

Do you like polka dots, stripes, and bows? By all means, spring is all about playfulness and colorful solutions! In fact, your outfit will likely stand out from the crowd precisely because you go with a pin-up dress and a hairdo to match your mood. In a jazzy, swing mood? Go with a flirty swing dress in a single hue and a hairpiece instead of classic jewellery as a final touch.

Wrap dresses, pencil skirts with a high waist and classic button-down shirts, sheer details and belts or bows around your waist are all magnificent options for a vintage look that will make for a truly unique outfit. As long as you pay attention to the details such as your hairdo, accessories and makeup, a retro wedding outfit will be a splendid way to keep things versatile.

Although some looks are always in style and others come and go, these can be your go-to examples of how you can make the most of your wardrobe to nail a perfect spring wedding outfit in no time!


By Sophia Smith