The Buffalo Soldier!

Hello Moers, how are you?  Have you been having a great week?

I’m feeling revived and fresh lately as I’ve been having a crazy amount of green/super healthy smoothies, and eating a lot better which has really helped me focus more than normally!  Check out my instagram to see the smoothies I’ve made!

Today we talk to an amazing soldier (not literally, figure of speech) called Simon who owns a company called Buffalo Tipi, hence why I called this post ‘The Buffalo Soldier’; I thought that was quite clever of me?!

I love finding natural and personal suppliers providing an amazing service who love what they do, and take pride in helping support people!  It’s fresh and inspiring, and this is why we talk to Simon today as he is just that guy providing great natural tipis for weddings and events!

Let’s hear what Simon has to say…

The Soldier – I was born and raised on the farm here in Wiltshire but never encouraged to shovel sh*t.  Schooled in Bath, went to Uni in Liverpool where, as a geek of nature, I got a degree in geography.  I then went on to do a graduate management scheme and managed various large stores all over the UK.  I soon became sick of the large business culture but hugely enjoyed leading teams, so my girlfriend Lauren (who was in the same job) and I decided to get away and travel for 7 months.  When I came home I realised I had to apply all my passions with all the the things I was good at: nature, creativity, being outdoors, leading a team, working in more than one place, design, construction etc. etc.

The BUFFALO – I saw tipis in a mate’s wedding pictures a few years ago and as cheesy as it sounds I was instantly amazed at their modular shape which was almost quite contemporary – but at the heart of it was a tipi structure as old as man that was made from tree trunks older than me.  So I wanted to use giant tipis to celebrate timeless design.  I wanted to build a company that was flexible and well rounded – practical but also creative.  Slick but also interesting and different.  I intend to be involved with clients and communicate with them on a level that doesn’t just make me a builder (of tents).  At the moment I have 3 tipis that are able to host events for up 200 guests.  I supply an extensive and interesting mix of lighting: LED uplighters with 1000s of colours and scenes to program, festoon lighting, fairy lights to climb the poles, as well as a Swedish fire pit for the centre of the tipis.  I have also spent my winter designing and making my handmade benches and trestle tables which are not factory finished.  This is the direction in which I want to take Buffalo Tipi.  I don’t want to supply what everyone else supplies.  I don’t want the same 5 chairs and same 3 tables as everyone else.  Unlike most marquee companies out there, I want to be more like the events and parties themselves and actually have some personality.  But it is year one and I have a lot to learn. 11 weddings in my first year is a good place to start though, and with a few more bookings around the corner I can’t wait to get stuck in.

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Don’t you just love how raw, natural and organic Simon is, and not to mention personal!  How he describes his business is just like making a raw smoothie!  I can see big things happen here as I believe that couples are now looking at this approach for their wedding; someone that does’nt just supply a service, but someone who looks over it and advises on other elements, like the design and style etc.

I’m sure you really enjoyed reading Simons story?  To find out more or to talk to him directly, here is the link to his Wiltshire based Tipi company and don’t forget to check out his Tipi layouts page, which shows how your event can work!

He truly is a buffalo soldier and if you’re in need of great service and a tipi, then he is the soldier for you!

Thank you for coming along and I hope you have a great day!


Matthew Oliver Wedding and Event Planner