The Perfect Proposal!

Hellooooooo my lovely people!

How are you?  What’s happening and how are all the wedding plans going?

I’m slightly annoyed – I have a prescription from Boots which is on-going, but they won’t let anyone else collect it!  It means I’ve got to travel to Bath (drop everything) and then go to Boots just to say hi the prescription is fine!  It’s soooooo annoying, especially as Bertie works in Bath!  I can understand if I was dying, but I’m not!

Rant over!

Anyway I have something extremely special to show you today, probably the most beautiful and romantic proposal I’ve ever seen!  EVER!  And as a wedding planner I’ve seen my fair share.

Claudette and Jonathan are actually one of my amazing couples, and their getting married over here next year!  I can’t wait, because not only are they amazing, fun and creative Claudette is a fellow wedding planner!  Yes I’m helping a wedding planner get married!  How amazing and honourable is that?!

One of the main reasons it’s such an amazing proposal is that Jonathan planned it all with Claudette having no idea and even used Claudette’s pinterest boards to get an idea of what she would like.  He spoke to some of Claudette’s favourite suppliers who had to keep it a secret and helped Jonathan put this magical moment in play!  And the outcome is perfect!

I can imagine it’s so difficult the pressure of how to propose to a wedding planner, even though we would appreciate anything and if we loved that person we would always say yes!  I always wonder how Bertie will do it for me, hmmmm!

The whole idea behind this proposal is spot on, and I take my socks off (if thats the right saying?) to Jonathan for doing such an amazing job!

Jonathan planned it very well so that he would wait for Claudette in the park and send a note to Claudette to meet him and what she needs to wear!  How amazing is that, he even picked out her outfit?!

I don’t think I can ramble on anymore and think you would get a better idea if you watched it yourself!  Here you go…

Claudette + Jonathan Engaged // Calgary Proposal // Bow Valley Ranche // Parfait Productions from Parfait Productions on Vimeo.

How beautiful is this?  You need to write your comments below!

I’m so happy I’m allowed to share this with you all as it’s such a lovely/romantic film.

Thanks so Jonathan and his team of amazing suppliers for making this happen…

Lot’s of love,

Matthew Oliver Wedding and Events Planner xx