The Perfectly Dressed Groom: Suits and Watches


It’s 9 day’s to CHRISTMAS aaaagggghhhh!  Seriosuly I’m more excited this year than any other year; it seems the older I get the more excited I get about the whole thing.  Though I’m no way near ready and only have 3 days to be as we’re starting the Christmas Holiday’s this Friday!

Anyway, enough about my drama how are you?  How is the planning going (not sure how many times I’ve asked that recently, and not got a reply!  Rejection!).

Today’s post is covering groom’s attire.  A couple of months ago there were posts entitled ‘Dressing our Beautiful Grooms‘ and ‘Dressing the Groom pt 2‘, but there is more to a man’s wedding attire than the suit.

There are thousands of posts covering bridal make up, hair styles, and jewellery, but so few offering accessory advice for men.

Here we’ve created a piece about which watches go with which wedding day outfits.

The Morning Suit

Traditionally, this type of suit was intended for a relaxed daytime look, when a man would only be around intimate people, and he would change into formal attire for the evening.  Nowadays, this suit has become an incredibly popular choice among the royals and as a wedding outfit.

A pocket watch is a classic accompaniment to a morning suit.  This can be silver or gold, which ever matches wedding rings and other jewellery.  Alternatively, choose a classic dress watch with a leather strap.

IWC Portofino

The Tuxedo

A tuxedo has become a popular wedding outfit for the groom.  A three piece suit can look and feel smart, but it can look very similar to every other male in attendance. A tuxedo is special and will make you stand out from the crowd, which is perfect on your wedding day.

A tuxedo can be accessorised in a more modern way than a morning suit.  Think of the way that James Bond wears a tux.  You can choose a traditional leather watch, or a modern metal quartz design.  A tuxedo is versatile, so the choice is yours.

Tudor Heritage

The Kilt

The kilt dates back to the sixteenth century and has seen a revival in recent years.  A kilt suit consists of a large number of components, including the sporran (a pouch that sits around the waist), the hose (socks that stops at the knee), a tailored jacket, and the kilt itself.


With such a large ensemble and the tartan check, you need an understated watch.  Like a morning suit, you can wear a pocket or wrist watch with a tartan.  Choose a pocket watch for a formal Prince Charlie, or a black leather watch for an Argyll jacket.

Patek Philippe Grand Complication

Choose the style of suit that reflects you and your wedding, then pick a corresponding watch.  Make sure you relax, dress well (no one wants a badly dressed groom) and enjoy your day.

As it’s nearly Christmas why don’t you treat yourself to a watch or get your lovely partner to be to get you one?

Massive love and thanks for popping by.

Matthew Oliver Wedding and Events Planner xxx