The Power of Jam Jars

Jam Jars have proven there valour as great DIY tools as you can pretty much create anything using them.  It is also so easy to create masterpieces out of them which will quite frankly bring your wedding to life.  They are extremely versatile as anyone from any background have been seen using them or would use them.

Great DIY Jam Jar Ideas:-

  • To hold tea lights;
  • Hanging tea lights;
  • Place flowers inside;
  • Sweet jars;
  • Create labels for them;
  • Printed or written words;
  • Used for table names;
  • Used for place names;
  • A selection of favour ideas;
  • Used for Jam’s & Chutney’s;
  • Place cocktails & drinks in them;
  • Paint and decorate them in your colour theme.

As you can see there are so many DIY options that can be used out of Jam Jars.

We know Jam Jars come in so many different shapes and sizes and what’s great is using a mixture and placing them around the room in so many different variations especially if you’ve got a rustic/farm yard theme.

There is no real budget with using Jam Jars as you can easily collect them yourselves and ask friends and family to assist.  If you buy the items in bulk you will also save money that way.

Here are a few inspirations of what you can do with Jam Jars.

What to use Jam Jars For at Weddings

So you can see from above how easily it is and how effective it looks using Jam Jars at your wedding.

Speak soon lovely people and have a lovely day.

Matthew Oliver xx