#throwbackthursday – Dorset Wedding and Junebug

Hola my loves!  How are you?

Ehhhhh it’s horrendous out there – high winds and that annoying drizzle!  Poor Winst he only got a short walk, however today is like a rest for us as we’ve been on 3 5 mile runs already this week – so my excuse is that our joints are recovering :-).

It’s Thursday and that only means #throwbackthursday where we look at one of my past weddings and today’s one was an easy one to feature because the whole wedding was featured on Junebug Wedding Blog.  Don’t you just love when you get featured and you’re just looking through your facebook feed when you see something familiar – a wedding you’ve done!  It was like an early Christmas.

Matthew Oliver International Wedding Planner

image credit – Susie Lawrence Photography 

I loved this wedding as not only was it so personal to Jess and Pete, but it was just a flawless event and everyone had a great time.  Being a planner you don’t get many flawless events when you can literally/honestly say it was perfect!  This was mine and in all my years of planning weddings I’ve only had a handful.  I’m not saying weddings don’t run smoothly and I’m not a good planner because they do and of course I am, anything could happen behind the scenes that only the people in the background can see.  Also their could be a last minute change, a supplier running late, someone drops the wedding cake, an magpie steals the rings, the bride doesn’t show, the groom is still in Las Vegas!  This was not that, it was magical!

The wedding was held at their beautiful home in Piddlehinton, Dorset and to me their house paints the perfect picture of a typical English Country House – which I fell in love with when I first went there.

The whole wedding was put together by Jess’s amazing arty skills from the daisy sewn napkins to the hanging table numbers, and all of which worked incredibly well and were well thought out.

What great memories and to have it featured on Junebug, is the cherry on the cake.

Click here to see Junebugs Feature.

Thank you for popping by and I hope you have an amazing evening.


Matthew Oliver

International Wedding Planner xx