5 Reasons… To Help Prevent You From Forgetting Your Wedding Bouquet!!


It’s a new day and it’s a beautiful one too!!  I’m even doing the washing and hanging it outside; can you believe it??

So as promised in this 5 Reasons video I’m going to make more of an effect with you guys and present myself a lot better, i.e. more shirts, bow ties etc.  If you see me in a video without a shirt or bow tie I’ll create a video especially for you and on a topic of your choice.  Understand?

So today’s video is “To Help Prevent You From Forgetting Your Bouquet!!”

I know it’s not really important, but if someone doesn’t say how easy it is then you’ll never know will you?

In counting it’s happened at 2 of my weddings in my 7 years of being a wedding planner and both were on the day wedding services, but both had me to rescue them!!  You may not all have an experienced person, so you need to remember your bouquet OK?  Haha that’s funny, bouquet OK!!

As we all know you go through all emotions whilst getting ready for your wedding as you’ll be having your hair and make-up done, people will be talking to you and there will be photos; so it’s such an easy thing to do and forget!!  Though if you’re miles from the venue, it’s something you must remember.

Listen and watch the 5 Reasons video to help you from forgetting your bouquet.

It’s not the end of the world if you do forget it, but just try to remember it!!  Set an alarm if you need to J.

Love you all and thanks for popping by.

Matthew Oliver xx