Top Three Themes For Hen And Stag Parties

Hello, hello lovely people, how are you all today?

This blog came at a great time as I just went to a Hen Party this weekend!!  Yes I get invited to Hen Parties, as most of my friends are female.  I’m not going to go into the details (what happens on a Hen, stays on a Hen), but it was a fantastic night 🙂

On with the show I shall say…

Themed parties can sometimes feel quite restrictive, but when it’s a hen party or a stag do with a few of your closest friends, it can actually make it a lot more fun and exciting and provides much more scope for venues.  In order to be successful in coming up with the perfect theme and pulling off a hen or stag party that the bride or groom will be proud of, your organisation and planning skills need to be faultless.  To make the process a little easier, here are some of the best themes for hen and stag parties.

Hen party themes


Hen parties are definitely moving away from the sexy themes that everyone first thinks of and are becoming much more sophisticated and feminine.  When ploughing through the wedding magazines looking for inspiration, you’ve probably seen how the vintage style is becoming a huge theme for wedding days.  However, it’s not just limited to the ceremony and reception.  It’s a theme that’s becoming hugely popular for hen parties too.

Outfits: If this is the theme you choose to go for then it’s really important for everyone to get into the spirit by dressing up in suitable attire and donning 1920s flapper and gangster costumes, including feather headbands, sequin dresses and big glasses.

Activity ideas: A lot of people now choose to make their hen party a whole weekend rather than one wild night of partying.  If this sounds like something you’re likely to do then here are a few ideas for fun activities that are in keeping with the theme:

  • Afternoon tea in a country house is an elegant and charming way to round off a great weekend with friends.
  • If partying and hitting it hard aren’t really your thing, or you’d prefer something much more relaxing for a daytime activity, then a class in cupcake making is a really popular thing to do at the moment.
  • Perfume making is another one of those arty activities that many people enjoy doing and is an especially suitable activity for ladies of the 1920s era.

Theme best for: Hens who deem style and sophistication as important.

Hen and Stag Party Ideas

Image credit – One Fab Day Wedding Blog

Minnie Mouse

Disney is something that people never grow out of, so a Disney themed hen party will be perfect for the bride that’s a big kid at heart.  Minnie Mouse is probably one of the most popular and easiest Disney characters for a group of women to dress up as and the element of fun behind the outfits will definitely turn a few heads and, more importantly, will get you in the mood for a fun weekend.

Outfits: Red and black polka dot mini dresses and black mouse ears are really easy to come by, alternatively you could just buy a Minnie Mouse outfit, like this one from Party Britain.

Activity ideas: The activities that you choose to try out during the hen party will depend entirely on its duration as well as what the bride-to-be enjoys doing, but here are a few activities that will keep the fun-loving theme flowing for the whole weekend:

  • Every woman loves chocolate, so an afternoon of chocolate making could be just what the doctor ordered – especially if you hit the town hard the night before.
  • If you’re looking to exert a bit of energy in a fun and entertaining way, then taking part in a cheerleading class is a great way to relax and let your hair down.
  • Karaoke is another activity that’s always a lot of fun for everyone. If you’re looking for a fun weekend where no one takes themselves too seriously then heading to a karaoke bar is definitely the right choice.

Theme best for: Girly hens that are out for a fun time.

Hen and Stag Party Ideas

Image credit – Party Britain


Although the typical night out causing havoc with friends and encountering a stripper along the way has become the worst hen party idea for a lot of people, the sexiness of a hen party certainly hasn’t completely disappeared. If you’ve got an outgoing hen on your hands, who doesn’t mind male attention, then a burlesque themed weekend could add the wild element that you’re looking for.

Outfits: When it comes to burlesque you’ve got to think sophisticated sexiness, which means corsets, suspenders and net stockings and skirts, along with lots of feathers in the form of boas, head dresses and fans.

Activity ideas: Again, the activities you choose ultimately depend on the planned duration of the hen party.  If you’ve dedicated an entire weekend to it – as a lot of people now do – then you’ve got the chance to plan a lot more activities. It’s important that the hen and the members of her hen party aren’t at all shy if you’re going to pull off a burlesque themed do.

  • Burlesque dance classes are really popular at the moment so you should be able to find one wherever you choose to hold your hen weekend. It’s a fun experience that you’ll never forget but make sure you’re ready for anything.
  • Now you’ve probably never considered foreplay lessons and, even if you have, you’ve probably never considered them with your friends.  However, you’re guaranteed to have a laugh a minute and, you never know, those lessons could prove invaluable on your wedding night.
  • A life drawing class is another thing that the majority of people will never have tried, but it’s an interesting experience that’s guaranteed to generate a few giggles.

Theme best for: Cheeky hens with a wild side.

Hen and Stag Party Ideas

Stag party themes

In some respects, stag parties are much easier to plan than hen parties, as there aren’t usually too many personalities who need to be pleased.  There’s no doubting the fact that men love having fun and don’t take themselves too seriously, so, with that in mind, here are three of the best themes for an unforgettable stag do.

Something thrilling

The majority of men love thrill-seeking, so an exciting activity that you can all take part in before the big night out is a great idea.

Outfits: The outfits you wear will depend entirely on the activity you choose, but if there isn’t any safety gear that needs to be worn then fancy dress could always be considered.

Activity ideas: Just as with the hen parties, the activities you choose ultimately depend on the time you have available.  If the plan is to have a stag do that only lasts one evening then you’ll be pretty limited on the activities that you choose in which case it might be best to do as the girls do and make a weekend of it.

  • Paintballing is an exceptionally popular activity for guys of all ages and gives you the chance to revisit your childhood as you run around an area of woodland shooting pellets of paint at your mates.
  • White water rafting is extremely intense but so much fun and you can have a good laugh at whoever is first to fall out into the rapids.
  • Why not head to you favourite theme park and test yourselves on some of the rollercoasters?

Hen and Stag Party Ideas

Booze cruise

Now everyone knows that men and beer are the best of friends so why not head off on the high seas for the weekend with some of your best pals and some of the best beer?

Outfits: As you’re going to be having fun you really shouldn’t care what you look like so why not don appropriate outfits and set off on your weekend of madness dressed as rum drinking pirates?

Activity ideas: When it comes to booze cruises it’s not just the obvious that you’ll have to keep you occupied – although it’s bound to take up a lot of your time – there are plenty of other things you can do too:

  • It’d be a shame to travel all the way to an overseas city just to sit in a pub for a few days, so make the most of it and go to a variety of pubs throughout the day for a well-earned beverage and break from exploring foreign lands.
  • Look out for any traditional events that might be going on while you’re there, make the most of them and have fun as you’re not likely to be going on another holiday with the lads for quite a while.
  • Make sure you go on a pub crawl in the city that you visit as not only will you have a great time with your friends but you’re sure to meet some really interesting  and unforgettable individuals along the way too.

Hen and Stag Party Ideas

Image credits – Pippins

Comedy club

Everyone loves a laugh with their mates and although a few of your own gags probably aren’t bad, there’s no better experience than watching a proper comedian with the people around you in fits of uncontrollable laughter – the Comedy Store have nights on up north and down south.

Outfits: It’s probably best to dress down on this occasion, unless of course you want to be picked on by the comedian, in which case dress in whatever you like.

Activity ideas: As comedy events are generally organised gigs you’re pretty limited on what you can do at the event itself.  However, there are plenty of related activities that you could do beforehand.

  • If there’s an open-mic element at the club then you might fancy testing your own comedy skills, but make sure you’re relatively good first and you know how to handle a crowd, otherwise you could be leaving with a severely bruised ego.
  • Comedy classes offer a great experience where you can try out your skills without the fear of being thrown off stage, but also learn a few tricks of the trade to ensure you get the laughter you’re after.

Hen and Stag Party Ideas

So there we have it chappos, some great ideas for your Hen and Stag parties!!  Don’t worry there are thousands of other ideas that ain’t on this list, these were really to give you some inspiration!!

Anyway, I’m ofskies now and I’m sure I’ll see you again very soon.

Matthew Oliver xx