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Happy Friday!

My Friday has gotten off to a pretty slow start to be honest, as in getting out of bed this morning was a monumental failure on my part, it just didn’t happen! Though I eventually wandered over to the office to be greeted by a completely justified look from Matthew which read ‘About time you lazy sod!’, oh dear! But we’re happy in the Matthew Oliver office today, I got lots of sleep (woop!), Matthew is listening to Red Hot Chilli Peppers (true 90’s boy) and Winston is having fun playing with his new teddy, a Rabbit affectionately called Boris!

Now I said I would tell you a little about our working Tuscan trip in my last blog Wedding Planners in Venice!, and here it is! If you read the last post we were in beautiful Venice, speed dating with many different suppliers under the invitation of the Amour Luxury Forum. I finished as we were heading back to the airport ready to pick up our hire car…

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Montalcino Italy

…And what a hire car it was! A Panda. If I had driven a Panda before I probably wouldn’t have hired one for the 4 hour drive down to Tuscany on Italian roads, but heyho we piled in and hit the road, enjoying the stunning Italian scenery along the way. Our destination was Montalcino, a historic walled town surrounding a beautiful castle at the hills pinnacle. Beautiful Tuscan homes lined narrow cobbled streets, so narrow I was certainly starting to appreciate the Panda and it’s compact size! We found our hotel and were shown to our own chalet amongst the wonderful landscaped gardens. We headed out onto the quiet streets to find something for dinner, hiking up the steep stairways to the main street of restaurants. After a quick glance at tripadvisor we found a typical Italian restaurant, serving classic Italian dishes and local wine (which was definitely needed!).

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The next morning we were up and on the road, well first trying to figure our way out of the cobbled narrow maze of Montalcino, and then eventually on our way to Florence. A short 2 hours away we had plans to meet a couple of the suppliers for our May wedding at the Rosewood Hotel in Tuscany, not far from Montalcino. Since Florence was the closest main city a number of the suppliers were based there. However first things first, lunch! Matthew met some amazing planners on his trip to Barcelona and some of them were our lunch date! Three amazing women and Tuscany wedding planners; Cindy, Constanza and Sandra (who was also in Venice), they took us to an incredible restaurant with incredible food and of course wine! They shared a few tricks to planning weddings in Italy, which we could add to our own experience and suggested a couple of great suppliers! It’s great to work in an industry where we are all happy to help each other and where great relationships can be built (usually over wine!).

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Florence, Italy

After lunch and a little sightseeing we headed to our meeting with Alma Project, who are providing all the music and lighting for the wedding at Rosewood. A great company who showed us their ‘night club’ in their offices, showing off their amazing range of lighting. Allowing us to really get an idea of how the evening is going to look, with the band performing alongside the infinity pool, looking out onto the rolling Tuscan hills. It’s going to be amazing! Also working through a few of the logistics we really appreciated Almas business professionalism, which pairs perfectly with their creativity.

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Chalet Bathroom View

The evening saw us heading back to Montalcino, stopping off in a little shop on the way to buy a true Italian feast of bread, cheeses, olives and prosciutto (for me). After some food and catching up on a few emails it wasn’t long until we were fast asleep!

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The lovely Marta from Rosewood

Our last full day in Tuscany saw the main reason for our trip, a visit to the Rosewood Hotel where the wedding in May is going to be held. Guests will be staying at or nearby the Rosewood for 3-4 nights, taking part in a weekend of events hosted at the hotel, of course including the wedding day itself. Matthew and I got to meet with the Rosewood team and our main contact, the lovely Marta, as well as seeing the absolutely stunning Rosewood itself. Now by this point the wedding is mostly planned, but we wanted to go visit to work through the logistics, run through absolutely everything with the venue and see if there is a space or feature we may of missed that would really serve to make the wedding weekend truly amazing. Turns out there were one or two things, but you can wait until after the wedding to see the pictures! Needless to say it is going to be a stunning destination wedding in Italy by the Matthew Oliver team.

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Planning at the Rosewood Hotel

After a long day enjoying the surroundings and atmosphere of the Rosewood, we headed back to Montalcino, opened a well earned bottle of champagne (the one I won in Venice) and flicked through the Small Luxury Hotels of the World book. Just perfect. We soon headed to a nearby bar for aperitifs and a cocktail, we were catching the beginning of a wine festival that weekend and the town had come alive. Revelling in the vibrant Italian atmosphere we did that thing all couples do when on holiday… talked about emigrating! But alas we love our Bradford on Avon life too much, so don’t worry we won’t be leaving the UK anytime soon! We were soon feeling hungry and so headed to a nearby pizzeria for authentic Italian gastronomy, I soo very much love pizza! A last little jaunt around Montalcino, popping up to the castle before descending the steep steps back to our chalet and much needed sleep.

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The day to head home had arrived, after a bit of a ly-in we hopped back in the Panda, said goodbye to Montalcino and headed back to Venice. I know it sounds a bit silly heading back to Venice for our flight, but it was booked by the lovely Amour Forum team, and who are we to turn down free flights! Plus it meant we got to again appreciate the stunning Italian landscape on our drive back up. The trip home was fairly uneventful, arriving back to Bradford on Avon late, we fell into bed for some much needed sleep after our crazy busy week in Italy. The next morning came with our favourite little man, Winston, being dropped off by doggy daycare, where he had spent the week. Amongst crazy excitedness we got in a little cuddle with him, he was more tired than we were! But our little family was back together to enjoy a lazy Sunday before seeing what the new working week would bring.

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Winst and Alf at the pub! #bestfriends

And that pretty much brings me to the end of what we got up to in Italy. It’s such a beautiful diverse country which I love and we are so lucky to have three weddings there this year and have made some great contacts and friends! If you’ve never been, go! Like now, just pack up and head for a visit, it’s well worth experiencing the culture.

I think I spoken for waaay too long, so I shall leave it there, but I hope it’s given you a little insight into what we get up to at Matthew Oliver Weddings and how we continue to grow contacts and plan beautiful destination weddings. If you ever need our help just give us a shout! I hope you all have an amazing weekend, with whatever you are doing and make sure you keep up to date with what we are doing on Facebook and Instagram.

Speak soon!

Love Bertie x