Wedding Gifts – Don’t Leave Your Guests Guessing

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Today’s post is a lovely one, all about wedding gifts, and giving you some top tips on what you should do and what to ask for!!

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You’ve been planning for months; stress levels have peaked several times; your big day is fast approaching. Surely you deserve something awesome for all your hard work right? That’s where a carefully thought about wedding list can be your best friend. Not only will it ensure that you receive gifts you actually want, but it will also make the purchasing process much easier for your guests.

Long gone are the days of duplicate gifts, unwanted items and bizarre presents that you are never going to use. Gift lists allow you to specify exactly what you need to start your new married life and the ideas can range drastically in price, allowing all of your guests to feel as though they bought you something worthwhile. Moreover, in today’s modern world, your gift list can be created, published and managed online. This allows all of your guests to see what gifts are still available to buy and the associated cost of each item.

Options for wedding gifts

Think necessities 

You’ll probably start constructing your gift list by looking around your house and listing everything that’s in need of replacement or that you simply don’t have. Look at the larger items first – dishwashers, microwaves, toasters and even furniture! Then move onto the smaller things that put a personal touch on your home like cutlery, crockery, bed linen, curtains, glassware, cushions, and other items of décor. It’s also important to put quantities on your wedding list. Obviously, you only need one microwave, toaster etc. but you could probably do with more than one set of bed linen or even crockery for that matter. This also allows aunties and uncles on opposing sides to buy gifts of equal value.

For the both of you 

Whilst extremely useful, some friends/relatives may not warm to the idea of buying you household items as wedding gifts. They’re the ones making the purchase, so they should have some freedom to choose what they want. This is why your wedding list should contain some ideas that are a little more outside the box and a treat for you both to enjoy.

Great examples are the gift experiences provided by companies such as Red Letter Days, which allow you to do pretty much anything from enjoying afternoon tea together to relaxing in a Rasul Mud chamber. It’ll be an experience that you can both enjoy and that will give you treasured memories for a very long time.

Options for wedding gifts

Be a little bit selfish

There’s no reason why you can’t be just a little selfish. It’s your big day after all and you’re allowed to let other people spoil you. Why list gifts that neither of you really want just to make up the numbers? Throw in a cheeky gift suggestion for each of you. Perhaps the bride has had her eye on a beautiful necklace or diamond earrings for some time, but has never managed to justify buying it. Likewise, the groom has always dreamed of owning a Tag Heuer watch, so a link like this – – with a few style suggestions may just help him fulfill that dream. Don’t be shy as guests will be more than happy to treat you both on your big day.

Just a little post to give you a boost on what you should do for gift options; very handy me thinks and will hopefully give you some confidence when discussing with each other on what to do.

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