Wedding Lounge Furniture: Give It A Go!


It’s Friday afternoon and as usual I have taken a little time off from the planning to have a drink (prosecco of course!) and do a little writing for you lovely people! It’s been a busy day in the Matthew Oliver Studio today, Matthew, Millie, Ceri and myself all here busy working away; with Winston making sure we keep on track! Don’t let his gorgeous face fool you, he’s a strict boss!

So thinking of what to write about, my eye fell to a picture of some beautiful lounge furniture we had at our Mandarin Oriental wedding last year and I thought, perfect! Let’s talk about why you should think about lounge furniture at your wedding, so here goes…

    1. First off it LOOKS AMAZING! Lounge furniture can add a real luxurious element to your wedding and is a great way to compliment the theme of your wedding. Your photographers and videographers will be looking for perfect spots to take stunning shots of you and your partner, the lounge furniture can provide an edgy unique look to the style of those shots.International Wedding Planner
    2. Lounge furniture CREATES A RELAXED VIBE for your guests, it can serve to set the tone for your wedding, perhaps one where you want your friends and family to feel at home. The tone of your wedding is so important as it indicates how you want your guests to feel and how they will feel. The venue, the lighting, the music all work together to set the tone, lounge furniture can really help with this too.
      International Wedding Planner

      Camilla Arnhold Photography (A Matthew Oliver Wedding)

    3. YOUR GUESTS WILL APPRECIATE IT! Weddings are a long day for everyone involved, it’s an epic day full of amazing moments, but still it’s pretty long. Having furniture your guests can relax on with friends, resting their feet after an epic dance off, is something that will definitely go down well!International Wedding Planner
    4. It can FILL EMPTY SPACES if there are certain areas of your venue, inside or out, which are looking pretty bare. You can make use of those spaces with unique pieces of lounge furniture to balance out the venue and design. Beautiful and practical!Destination Wedding Planner
    5. There’s a chance it could BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER. Weddings can sometimes unintentionally separate friend groups or sides of the family, through things like the different aisle sides for the ceremony, specific group photos and the seating plan, on a day which is meant to bring all family and friends together. Lounge furniture creates a relaxed unstructured area where any guests can sit, talk and tell stories about the bride and groom. A really unobtrusive way to bring people together.International Wedding Planner

Now I know all the points above aren’t major wedding day elements, but sometimes it is the smaller subtler things which can just add that perfect finishing touch to your wedding. Certainly something to think about!

My glass is now empty and I think it is certainly about time to start enjoying this Eurovision filled weekend! So before I go and top up my glass I shall wish you a great weekend full of cheesy Europop! Aha!

Love Bertie Xx